Kenzie Franics, Author

This year the Lompoc Cheer team and Danceline performed in a showcase on the LHS campus in place of their annual dance show. Usually their show is at the Civic auditorium, but due to Covid-19 this year it was held in the gym! The dancers, coaches, and guest choreographers had prepared 17 routines to perform for a limited audience (due to Covid-19 restrictions) and an online live stream! Their theme was “Rebel Yell” and the show was actually an Ode to the 2019-2020 teams, since they were stripped of their dance show due to Covid-19. This was exciting considering the very strange year we all have had. Just a little something to end the school year with a bang, some quality entertainment and fun! It was held on Thursday, June 4th at 7:00pm! This year has been full of changes, challenges, and extra precautions so having this showcase was very special to Lompoc High!