The Reading Society

Society, or Club?

Ricardo Robles, Author

Hello new readers, welcome to the article of The Reading Society! This club will be good for new readers such as yourself to take the liking of people that are always up for reading a book.

The reading society is all about introducing new stories, talking about books, and future events that could be happening. The reading society is planning new events for students to get involved and participate in for fun. These events include field trips where new readers can explore new stories.

As for the start of the Reading Society, it actually started long ago before the present librarian Mrs. Hurtado started to work here. The Reading society hosts events during the holiday seasons like the haunted house they are planning to host in October. They are hoping students at LHS will come and join in on the fun the reading society brings at its events. They also talk about other types of books and comics like Manga.

As they would joyfully talk about your love of Manga that could lead to your favorite Anime. Their main goal is for many people to join in talking about their favorite subjects! The reading Society would also like to get more books for the teens and kids in the future to read on.

The reading Society is hosted every Thursday at lunch so don’t forget to stop by!