TikTok Takes Over


Alyssa Holder, Author

The year 2021 has started and the entire population has hit the ground running ever since! With so much hope surrounding it, the trending app TikTok is keeping approximately 80 million people entertained, all around the world. The app has become a safe place for many teens to express themselves and their incredible, mind blowing, and unique talents. In addition to that, becoming viral on the app isn’t as hard as it sounds! It’s actually pretty common and has put several people on their rise to fame. Many students at Lompoc High have admitted TikTok is one of their favorite and most used apps. So, what’s all the hype about…?

TikTok bases a person’s watch content by something called a “For You page.” This the area where the most trending, popular videos show up, according to your specific interests. You can browse on this page for hours upon hours (trust me I’ve done it several times). However, creating your own trend is what actually gives you more of a chance to become noticed on the app. For example, creating your own sound or using your own idea can motivate people to try your creation as well, and at the end of the day the credit will go to you because you are the creator!

There are multiple things that can be considered a trend on TikTok today, such as making vegan chicken. This has become a very popular trend and is continuously floating around the app. To sum up the trend, it is basically making deep fried chicken, minus the chicken… yes, you heard that right! The recipe calls for only flour, seasoning and oil! It is completely flour based and looks quite delicious if you ask me! Not to mention, how addicting it is to watch, much like the glass painting trend. Glass painting consists of simply tracing a picture on glass and painting it. Then, when you flip it over you have an extraordinary art piece! TikTok is really digging deep into everyone’s creativity, which is exactly what we need to keep our sanity during these crazy times!