“PROM” 2021


COVID-19 has made planning Prom difficult, but Jennifer Gonzalez-Diaz and Linsey Rodriguez have assured us that this year’s Prom is going to be a lively event. This year, staff has to cram an 8-10 month planning process into 1 month. Lindsey Rodriguez explains how strenuous this process has been, ”It truly has taken so many people and time to really bring this event together. I am thankful for anyone who has even put a small amount of work into planning this year’s prom.” Thankfully, many people have been kind enough to help out and ease the stress.

Naturally, prom will be different this year due to CoVID-19. There is a limited amount of activities staff can offer, as they must implement the social distancing rule. Though these safety precautions are sad, attendees should remain optimistic.  Linsey Rodriguez states, “Hopefully the students are feeling excited and hopeful. I know it is not what we all imagined but it is definitely better than nothing!” The Prom Committee has kept the fun, new activities secret this year. You’ll have to go to find out what’s in store :D! 

To close, Linsey Rodriguez empathizes with our seniors: “My heart goes out to all the seniors. You all deserved the best prom imaginable. With the amount of time given, we truly did put in so much effort. We know it is not what we all wanted but we hope this night goes well and can be just as memorable.”