Graduation 2021 – Farewell Fellow Braves!

This has been a season of terrible losses. People have lost their loved ones or their lives and families continue to grieve. Others have lost their jobs, their savings– their plans for the future. Many of you, I know, have suffered these things too. With losses in that order, it might seem frivolous to feel sad about losing your graduation ceremonies. 

But, I don’t think so. A high school graduation is a big deal. Graduating from high school is associated with a range of positive life outcomes: from better employment and income prospects to better health and life expectancy. All in all, high school graduation matters.

The effort that the seniors put in shouldn’t be dismissed either. They went to class in their childhood bedrooms and kitchen tables. Some would even sit out on their front steps to find a little privacy. These students have done school through computers, zoom, and group chats. From having to write papers without physical help to doing experiments in virtual labs…they deserve their graduation ceremony. 

Thanks to innovations in technology, we can fulfill that while still keeping safe. Get ready for Lompoc High School’s class of 2021 graduation on June 10th at the Huyck Stadium. It will be live streamed so family and friends can watch from home. The event will resemble graduation celebrations of years past and it will continue to go through the regular motions. 

In the times we’re living in, we could all use a little happiness. I hope the seniors can feel that, especially after what they’ve done.