The Braves Are Back!


After one and a half years online, we’re finally back in person!

Following CoVID-19’s emergence in the United States, our school conducted classes online to prevent further transmission of the virus. It was an arduous time for all of us, as we had to navigate new changes in both home and work life– and we should all be really proud of ourselves for surviving that.
Though that time is behind us, change still remains in our day to day schedule. As opposed to years prior, we fully incorporated a partial block system in our day-to-day and even made room for an advisory period. The block days take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the former taking the “odd” numerical periods and the latter taking the even. In addition, with California’s new state laws, school starts later in the day (though that comes at the cost of a shorter lunch and a later leave). But all changes, regardless of our personal stance, makes life exciting via variety.

With the school’s recommencement, journalism is back too! Operations to pump out stories are already under way, so stay tuned!