Homecoming Assembly #2 (virtual)


The 2nd homecoming assembly was on Wednesday, September 1st during our Advisory Class. It was live streamed on the Lompoc High School YouTube page from the Huddle Cam in the gym. As a result, the whole school could watch the assembly without worrying about COVID. This assembly was meant to announce the top 5 Homecoming King and Queen candidates.

The Queen candidates were Sugar Gaitan, Kya Thao, Mallory Branum, Angelina Waldron, and Tatiana Rojo. The King candidates were Sheldon Canely, Oscar Rocha, Nicholai Kinard, Andrew Porter, and Deville Dickerson. To excite the atmosphere, Sapphire performed in school spirited (blue and white) costumes! They killed it with their hip hop medley performance!

Following Sapphire, each of the candidates walked out with a staff member of their choice while our Executive President, Anahi Rodriguez and Senior Class President Linsey Rodriguez read the candidate’s short bios. Ladies were first! Queen candidate Kya was escorted by Mrs. Gonzalez, Sugar by Mrs. Lopez, Mallory by Mr. Milhouse, Angelina by Mr. Camacho, and Tatiana by Mr. Bernal.

For the boys, King candidate Sheldon was escorted by Mrs. Flaherty, Deville by Mrs. Wordly, Oscar by Mrs. Taylor, Nicholai by Mrs. Treme, and Andrew by Ms. Mosby. Once the candidates were escorted, the Varsity Cheer Team gave their own performance.  They danced to the song “Brutal,” by Olivia Rodrigo, perfectly appropriate for the brutal fight our beautiful school is putting up against COVID-19! They dressed in circus style costumes in honor of this year’s Homecoming theme “Under the Big Top.”

With each of the team’s performances and the efforts of our participants, we were able to have a successful homecoming assembly. In our time, we should be grateful to even have the luxury of high school experiences