Join FFA!


Diana Hernandez-Vega, Author

Are you in Agriculture classes and bored during lunch or not involved enough in school activities? Sounds like you are the perfect candidate to join FFA! Future Farmers of America is all about premier leadership, personal growth, and hands-on learning. FFA students participate in monthly FFA meetings, lunchtime activities, conferences, and judging and speaking competitions. To be a part of the FFA club you have to be enrolled in an agriculture (AG) class. FFA has 4 stages to it and in each one you earn a different degree. These degrees include: Freshman: Greenhand degree, Sophomores: Chapter degree, Juniors/Seniors: State degree, and Postgraduate: American degree. Not only is this club a great opportunity to get involved in the community and develop social skills, but it looks great on college applications!

In interviewing various people  they all had the same positive response when asked about their experience in FFA. They mentioned the skills they acquired and the different perspectives they have picked up on agriculture. When speaking to Mrs. Greer, she had said, “FFA is an ongoing growing community especially in Lompoc. Students are starting to realize it is more than just farming and ‘rednecks’. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved.“. The club is an eye-opening and fun experience.

Although Covid-19 has set many restrictions on what the students may or may not do they are still learning all the important life long skills and experiencing being involved. FFA is shaping many kids’ futures and opening endless opportunities in job industries.  It’s also setting responsibilities and helping them gain new knowledge! Many kids are enrolled in a FFA class their first year of high school and end up coming back for the rest of their high school years. They love the experience and the welcoming environment this club offers.