Aggregate of Events: Track.


Running, jumping, and throwing, you know what it is: Track. Some of you may be asking what the difference between track and cross country is, well I’m here to tell you. Cross country is a sport that consists of running and running alone. Usually around 3 miles. Track consists of running, jumping, throwing, and more, with a specific length for each event. If any of these happen to be your strong suit, don’t hesitate to join. Track practice occurs everyday after school so don’t be late. Each practice is about 2 hours long so make sure to bring some water. Currently there are 80 runners on the team all with a specific warm up. Some start with a light jog while others start with dynamic stretches. In 2020, covid was a huge problem, canceling the entire season. 2021 wasn’t much better, limiting most events and meets. Now that 2022 is around, we are back in business.

Even though the season has ended by now, you now know enough to join next year.