CHEER: Jamz Irvine Comp!


The weekend of Sunday April 3rd, 2022, the Lompoc High cheerleaders had their JAMZ competition at UC Irvine. The week leading up to this event, the cheerleaders worked day and night to get their four routines to perfection. The four categories Lompoc competed in were Cheer, Lyrical, Pom Song, and Hip-Hop (which is Lompoc’s grand champion routine). 

The first routine to hit the stage was Lyrical. It was a very emotional routine that moved the crows and the  judges. Following Lyrical was the Pom Song routine, it was a very energetic and exciting dance and included very many technical aspects. After Pom Song was Cheer. This routine was amazing even when there was a fall in a stunt. Even though we faced an obstacle during the routine, it was the most fun to perform overall. The Cheer routine was up against Orange Vista and West Adams Preparatory High School. Last but not least, it was Hip-op. This routine was up against Camarillo High School’s Hip-Hop category as well. Hip-Hop was the fan favorite with a remix of Tell Me When to Go and Choices by E-40. Everyone during this routine went crazy and was hyping up the dancers. Hip-Hop was the last routine to hit the stage leaving the audience amazed. 

Overall these girls did amazing and incredible in all four routines they performed to the judges. Ending off the competition, it was time for the awards. The cheerleaders became anxious and the room was filled with suspense. The time had finally come. The first category they announced was Lyrical which had won 1st place. It was very exciting since it was Lompoc’s first win of the day. The next category was Pom Song. When they announced that Lompoc won 1st place everyone was overjoyed. After Pom, it was time for the Cheer category. For this category they were up against Orange Vista and West Adams Preparatory High School which grew some tensions on who would win. After all of the uneasiness and excitement Cheer won 1st place. Lompoc’s grand champion routine, Hip-Hop, was up next to be announced. Everyone was getting super nervous for this announcement since they were up against Camarillo High school, which was Lompoc’s biggest competition. After all the suspense and nervousness, Lompoc was announced 1st place meaning that Lompoc won 1st place for all routines in their division.