Club Rush

There were a total of 12 clubs outside of the cafeteria around the tables. When I arrived some tables were still setting up for presentations, but students were still walking around trying to look for information about our clubs. There were tables with cardboard posters and there were also others with only papers. All tables had sign up sheets which included your name, your students email, and possibly your grade. Some clubs even offered stickers, water bottles, little ice creams, candy, and cards. The tables were surrounded with students.


I noticed that these clubs goals were to help you grow as a person and to also help the people and things around you. Such as your mental/emotional health, your education (if you want to apply to college some of these clubs will look good on your resume), and your physical health. 


  • Wake up crew
  • MESA (Math, Engineering, Science)
  • Self Improvement Culture Committee
  • Choir club
  • Drama club
  • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
  • Astronomy club
  • ASB (Associated Student Body)
  • Swim team
  • Army National Guard
  • Reading Society
  • Bible Believers

Some clubs have yet to decide when their meeting days will be, but you can always go on our Lompoc High home page(Lompoc High School: Home) and go to activities which have our clubs on there. Most have their email on there and some have when and where they meet up.