Soulless Jeff

The horrible, sickening and soulless Jeffrey Dahmer case has been brought up to light recently.

The horrible, sickening and soulless Jeffrey Dahmer case has been brought up to light recently. Coming out with a new Netflix series called “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brenan. Dahmer’s case came out on July 22 , 1991. It stars Evan Peters as Dahmer alongside other incredible actors. 

In the series, a young Jeff contends with troubles at home and school. Years later, his strange behavior evolves into murderous actions that slip past the police several times. Jeff’s parents divorce, this affected his killing mindset, and apparently after his hernia surgery when he was 4, he was never the same. Jeff’s mom ended up leaving with his little brother,leaving him alone at 18 years old in their house. Eventually, his dad ran off as well, finding himself another fiance. Leaving Jeff the house all to himself caused to build up his alcohol compulsion. Apart from this, he was very much attracted to men. 

His first victim according to the Netflix Series was Steven Hicks, andJeff committed this murder three weeks after his graduation. He picked him up after promising to give him a ride to a concert. Steven was then lured to Jeff’s house to consume alcohol with him. When the time gets closer to the concert, Jeff doesn’t want him to leave. Steven starts getting uncomfortable and tries to leave, but it is then that Dahmer becomes angry and hits Steven with a dumbbell;he ends up dying. Jeff was very much guilty, and was going back and forth- worried that his family would never like him again. He proceeded to drag Steven’s dead body outside and placed it under his house. Days later,he takes his body out and dissects it in the basement of his family home before burying his remains in the garden. Several weeks later, he digs up the body and dissolves it with acid, where he is then able to crush the bones with a sledgehammer and bury them once again. Unfortunately, Steve’s body was never found when he disposed of the body. 

Jeff’s obsession with dead male bodies started to expand. He had a hard time in college, leading him to get expelled. His dad was very hard on him and ended up sending him to the military, and he was also kicked out because of alcohol abuse. While living at his grandma’s house, Dahmer began to visit bathhouses and had encounters with various men. After a while he began to give sleeping pills to men during their encounters, rendering them unconscious. Then,he began cutting their body into small pieces over time and disposing of them. This cycle of murder and dismemberment continued, leading him to murder 3 men at his grandmothers”and another 14 at his apartment. Finally, Jeff was arrested by Milaukee police for the murder of 17 men. 

The wrongdoings were explored when Tracy Edwards tipped off the police to search Jeff’s apartment, leading to the discovery of photographic disgusting evidence that depicted the murders. The police also found some of the victims’ body parts. Then, he was sent to serve time at the Columbia Correctional Facility. While he was there, another inmate murders him by sneaking in a 20 inch, five pound bar and beating him- causing it to split his head and back open. 

Above al,l the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer crossed the line with lot of people. Although his story is very traumatizing and disturbing to hear about and watch, a new generation is learning about Jefferey’s wrongdoings.