First Day Back at LHS


Kailee Harding, Author

A lot of people feel good about the year so far, they’re excited for the events and activities that will be coming up in the future. Yuridia Amezcua was asked how she felt about the school year, “I feel pretty good about this year so far. There are so many fun events and activities at the beginning of the year. I’m feeling pretty positive about what’s to come this year.” Personally, I like my classes so far and the teachers are really nice. Yuridia also says, “I love my classes this year, my teachers are kind and help me understand the work being taught. I have friends in many of my classes and it helps to make the class fun and less anxiety inducing.” 

A lot of the teachers are very excited about their classes and students. I asked my chemistry teacher, Mrs. Jacqueline Tretyak what she thought about the classes she’s teaching this year. She then stated, “I’m teaching dual immersion biology in addition to chemistry this year, which means I get to practice my Spanish while still teaching chemistry.” 

Students and teachers are also having many mixed feelings about the new and old schedules. Yuridia says, “I Like both the blocked schedule and regular schedule because with classes being longer I would have to carry less textbooks on one day or have more time to do assignments.” It’s been hard for many students that were in middle school when Covid happened because we didn’t get to experience it and just went straight to high school. “I liked middle school a lot and it was pretty fun, I liked meeting new people and still being good friends with some of the people I had met. I would say highschool and middle school are very alike aside from the fact that we didn’t really get the middle school experience” says Yuridia.

 I’ve also noticed a stronger push for mental health awareness this year and that is a very positive step for our students and school as a whole. This year I feel like more events and activities are starting to come back now that Covid has calmed down a lot. This school year the rules are stricter and reinforced a lot more. Overall, I am excited to see how this year goes.