A Lesser Known Music Artist

Before he became a solo artist, Rob was in a band called “White Zombie” which formed back in 1985.


We all listen to different types of music, some of us listen to the same. Here I’ll be comparing the music students listen to on campus, and also my reasoning on why we should allow students to listen to music while working. 

I interviewed a few students, of a variety of grade levels. Of course, everyone was different, I got loads of answers such as, rap, rock, some people even enjoy all genres of music. I also asked them why they choose to listen to music. I got many different reasons like, it helps them calm down, to soothe themselves and their feelings, it keeps them calm and relaxes them, or it gets things off their mind. Personally, I think these reasons are very understandable, and they’re all connected somehow. 

I decided to look up the trendiest artists right now. This includes BTS as the number one with Justin Bieber following. Next is Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja cat. Afterwards, I decided to look it up specific to different genres. First genre was Metal, which set the number one band to Metallica, then Slipknot, Rammstein, System of a Down, and Iron Maiden. I grew up with a lot of heavy metal and rock so in my opinion, the bands listed felt absolutely correct. The metal genre was the most popular back in the 1990’s, where the genre even took over people’s style as well.

One pretty famous artist is Slipknot and as of right now, I have been loving Rob Zombie. Before he became a solo artist, Rob was in a band called “White Zombie” which formed back in 1985. However, they never really became successful and when they did, it just didn’t fit right with them. In a Metal Hammer magazine interview, he got asked why the band split up and his answer came to this, “It had run its course. Success is a big thing that you can never plan for, because it affects everybody differently.” The band dismembered in 1998, just a month after Rob Zombie released his own studio album. The album, Hellbilly Deluxe, ended up selling over 3 million copies. The most played song on the album was Dracula. My favorite album is his House of 1000 Corpses, which was a movie series he made back in the 2000’s. He remade the Halloween movies from the 80’s, he played Michael Myers. He has other movies as well, this includes, “31” “Lords of Salem” and “Slither.” He also came out with a new kids’ movie called “The Munsters” which came out in October 2022. Now he’s posting on Instagram and updating other projects, and yes, he’s still making music too! 

Even though Rob Zombie has made loads of horror movies and made a lot of great music, he also worked at a carnival with his parents. Rob would scare people through haunted houses and rides. He was never afraid of horror; he’s claimed he’s loved it since kindergarten. His first real job was actually when he was nineteen. The man worked as a PA on the sitcom, “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” He claimed that he loved to work with all the people, he felt excited about it. However, he also didn’t even know if he was a PA. Rob Zombie was contacted later on in 2020, asking to make another Crow movie. He agreed, calling it The Crow: 2037. To this day, it still hasn’t happened. I honestly don’t think it’s ever really going to happen. An interesting fun fact about him was that he was named Robert Cummings at birth, in 99 it changed. Who knew you could legally change your name to absolutely anything.

That brings me to my conclusion. Every artist has a story and less known artists have very interesting backgrounds. I hope Rob Zombie gets more recognition and makes more movies soon. Not only is he a good singer but also a good director.