Lompoc High School’s Art Club

Do you like painting, drawing, or just creating art in general? Do you spend your free time enjoying any of these activities? Well now you can do it with friends and with a team here at Lompoc High School’s very own Art club! A few weeks ago, the art club made a comeback with weekly meetings on Fridays during lunch. Past projects include murals for Lompoc High School’s sports fields with students working on them as a team. These murals created by art club members are planned to go up by the end of this month for all to admire. Newcomers are always encouraged and welcome no matter the time of year. 


Members get to participate in several events, both in school and around the community. The art club took part in last year’s chalks festival held on October 21st in Vandenberg. The space was sponsored by the Lompoc Valley Art Association. Later in December, the art club celebrated an open house for NAHS by creating paintings and selling them, members have discussed where the proceeds should go to. Additionally, the youth art month show opened on March 22nd where art club members supported the artists by helping with the snack table and many more at Grossman gallery as well as in Lompoc public library. 


This year, the club has worked on updating two murals: a sports mural by the soccer field and the front office mural. This year’s murals pertain to philosophical themes: what do we want to project for the next 20 years at Lompoc high school?  Picking these themes is always critical, as these works of art tend to stay up for several years, giving art club members the opportunity to highlight the best of Lompoc High School’s Braves and our city of flowers. Design ideas were discussed before the newest project gained approval. Students of all grade levels are welcome to join in on these discussions in IA-3 every Friday at 12:20 pm with advisor Mrs. Alvarez. For updates, follow the Lompoc High Art club on instagram @lompoc_high_artclub!