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Aeries Transformation

New and Improved Grading System

Through the weeks since school has started Lompoc High has switched over to a new grading system called Aeries. Aeries is a new and improved grading system to help out the students of Lompoc High to check out their grades and attendance. Lompoc high has switched over from Q connect to Aeries but the staff has had a bit of a problem with the switch over but there has been many different takes on the switch from Q to Aeries.

When talking to Mr. Williams about the switch over this is what his thoughts on it were: Tenth grade English teacher, Mr. Williams likes the switch over to Aeries because it shows the percentages as well as showing any missing assignments a student may have. What Mr. Williams liked least about the switch over to Aeries was that it took a while to transfer all of the students’ grades over and submit all of the students’ grades into Aeries. Mr. Williams likes the change because of all the pros it has to it like the percentage accuracy and overall the whole change to Aeries.

When getting feedback from students in different grade levels they had some pretty interesting takes on the switch over from Q to Aeries.  Victoria is a Sophomore and she doesn’t like the switch over from Q to Aeries. Victoria doesn’t like the switch over because of all the difficult passwords the students were given to log into Aeries. She also doesn’t like the switch over because of all the problems that came with the switch over and the difficulties of getting her password to log in.

Natalie is a Junior and she prefers Aeries over Q. Natalie prefers Aeries over Q because of the overall layout of Aeries as well as the accuracy to things. Natalie also likes the things Aeries shows to the students like how many missing assignments you have, tardies, absences and percentages of your grade. Yvette is a Senior and she also prefers Aeries over Q. Yvette prefers Aeries because it’s more efficient and helps her to know what assignments need to be completed and what assignments are already completed. She also likes the fact that it’s an overall easy way to access her grades.

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