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Chess Club

Is chess considered a sport? And if it is, would that mean? Are chess and football the same or similar? Chess has its own unique tournaments, matches, and clubs like many sports around the world. Even here, at our very own Lompoc High School, we have a chess club. Chess club at Lompoc High might not be as popular as some of the other clubs or sports. Using this article we hope to make it more recognizable and well known. 

At first glance, many people might think chess is very different from other sports, but with further observation they have more things in common than most might think. One sport that someone can compare to chess is boxing. These two sports are very similar because both require a player to use strategy and really think about their next move. With boxing, someone needs to use outstanding ability to outsmart their opponent. As well as people need to be able to outmaneuver their opponent, whether it’s physically or using a little figurine. One last similarity is that both sports have an abundance of psychological elements like being able to think clearly even under so much pressure. 

Although many people will argue that chess is barely a sport and they will say it’s so much different than other sports. The most obvious difference between chess and other sports is the physical aspect. Most people will say that a sport has to include some kind of physical activity and skill where two or more teams will compete against each other. Compared to this opinion, chess is not a sport and players will sit in chairs moving the little game pieces around. So there’s no real athletic ability or competition being used there. 

In conclusion, some people think chess is a sport, and others do not. But taking closer observations, chess and sports have a lot more similarities than differences. So maybe chess is a sport or maybe it isn’t, but what do you think?

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Suelen Mcgovern
Suelen Mcgovern, Author
Suelen Mcgovern is a sophomore at Lompoc High School. This is her first year in Journalism. At LHS she is a part of Journalism. Outside of school she is interested in drawing, reading, and watching crime shows. A fun fact about Suelen is that: she can play the piano.
Giselle Carmona, Author
Giselle Carmona is a sophomore at Lompoc High School. This is her first year in Journalism. At LHS she is involved in Journalism class. Outside of school she is interested in reading. A fun fact about Giselle is that she can play the saxophone.

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