The Pledge To Red Movement


The Pledge for Red is a social movement put on by the senior classes of Santa Barbara County. This social movement is to help get Santa Barbara County back into the red tier for Covid-19 cases. Senior classes made a form for students to take a pledge to help encourage lowering Covid-19 cases in the community. To make this more exciting, students who submit the pledge get entered to win prizes! In our community of Lompoc, the involved schools are Lompoc High, Cabrillo High, and Maple High School. Bianca Gonzales, ASB President of Cabrillo and Jayelyn Bonner helped make this happen. A question people may ask is, “What brought up the idea of this social movement?” According to Bianca Gonzalez, Jayelyn Bonner saw a post on social media and with the help of Bianca, they were able to contact other schools to pull in more information to make this movement successful.

When speaking to Jenny Gonzalez, senior class president of LHS, she had said that this movement was all about reducing the spread of COVID-19 resulting in students returning back to school on campus and continuing sports. Now that Santa Barbara county, including Lompoc, is back to the red tier, what can we do to continue to stay safe? She says what Lompoc can do to help contribute to staying safe is to keep following the county’s and school’s safety guidelines to not spread the virus. She has been working with Mrs. Lopez, Melanie Nunez, and Merrick Zellers, along with other students from Cabrillo and Maple High.

Due to social distancing, this made the social movement more accessible to students, everything was done over zoom or online. Fliers, posters, and videos were easier to share amongst the students and getting the word out was as easy as making a post about it. To find official information, the hope for red pledge’s official website is