Leaving Dos Pueblos in the Dust


Due to the pandemic, baseball was cancelled countrywide! This caused a lot of grief and anger amongst baseball players and their fans. Baseball is one of the few sports that unites our country and brings us together – to have it taken away for so long, was a challenge for many people. Last season, the LHS baseball team got to play six games, but it was unfortunately shut down. Coach Carlson says, ”Last year was devastating for everyone, but the team came back hungry and passionate. They learned to not take it for granted and are excited for the season.” Even though the team has had some challenges, they are still able to push on. Elijah Bobo, an LHS baseball senior, seems to agree when he says, ”The team has more chemistry than last year and are far more prepared for the season. I’m grateful that my senior season didn’t get canceled too and I am more than ready for this season.”

On Saturday, March 20, the team won its first game – leaving Dos Pueblos in the dust. The team said it was unbelievable playing a real game because for over a year, there was no chance. But now there is a chance, and they’re taking full advantage of it! Before league starts, on April 9th, the team will play a few more games; Bishop Diego, Cabrillo, and Santa Ynez.

The team is really looking forward to the season! So, support our LHS baseball players by watching their home games.