Welcome Back Braves!


It is very exciting to be back on campus! Our first day was Monday, March 22nd. It was different, but great, very quiet. It feels almost like zoom but in the school setting, and of course getting to physically see our peers. Though, it gets better each day, as students adjust more and more. We are very lucky to have the opportunity of coming back to school, but with that comes many more rules and regulations regarding COVID-19, etc. One example being, allowing freshmen off campus for lunch this year. Lucky 9th graders! With that said, there aren’t as many students on campus during lunch as there normally would be, which is good, but strange compared to previous year because it’s normally full.

This last semester hasn’t been as bad as I anticipated. I felt as though coming back on campus would be very odd and not feel the same but I’ve really enjoyed being on campus so far, seeing friends after all this time being quarantined. Hopefully they can soon combine Cohort A and Cohort B so we can see all of our in person learning friends all at once! LHS has taken an exciting big step forward!