Swimming away from COVID-19


Our LHS Swim team has begun practicing, once again! They have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 regulations and restrictions this year. However, they’re not letting it stop them from attending their regular practices and their upcoming competitions!

Christine, the girl’s swim coach, admits that “with the regulations, coaching is easy. However, seeing the athletes not able to bond, as they normally would, is disheartening.” Coach Christine is right, it’s possible that the girl’s bond isn’t the same as it would have been, had Covid-19 not come around. But, maybe Covid-19 has made it stronger – the team has been through a lot together. Maybe the struggles and triumphs of this year, are the experiences that will build their bond to be stronger than ever!

Speaking of stronger than ever, the girls have been treading water for months and are ready to finally dive into the upcoming season! Coach Christine is also excited to see how this season plays out, “I feel optimistic about the season ahead – I am able to help the athletes with their abilities and progress.” The boys and girls swim teams have been in the pool, practicing for their coming up scheduled meets, from the first meet on April 15th, to the finals on May 20th! They will continue to practice throughout the upcoming weeks, as well as during our school’s Spring Break!

LHS Swim teams are leaving Covid-19 in their wake! Support your fellow swimmers by joining the Boy’s Swim Team! Or by spreading the word about the team before the season is fully underway!