We’re All In This Together.


Avery Torres, Copy Editor

We are officially back! The LHS cheerleaders recently had their very first cheer event and it was very successful. They cheered  loudly and confidently, fulfilling their jobs and fostering an ecstatic atmosphere. Although some aspects of the event were different (such as masks at all times), the cheerleaders still did their best to represent Brave pride with shouts, stunts, and encouragement to the football team. 

As the cheerleaders went through 30 different cheers, they would also do stunts when the football team scored a touchdown. They would run to the end of the field, stunt and then do a walk back chant to really encourage the football team and themselves. Before the game even started, the cheerleaders would also form a circle and chant to pump up the team, and then follow it with a cheer prayer. They do this primarily to excite themselves for the game. But, it also unifies them as a team and allows them to create a stronger bond together. 

The cheerleaders weren’t the only ones who were very excited for the first game of the season, though. Parents and family members were also gathered in the stadium, spread out, and full of excitement for their players and the opportunity to be back in the stadium. The Freshman cheerleaders could feel the excitement too. They had many thoughts about cheering at their first football game. When talking to Caitlin Anderson and asking how her first football game was, she had said, “My experience of my first football game was really cool! Everyone was hyped and enjoying the game. But, then it started raining, and I thought this would ruin our game. But, if anything it made it more fun!” It’s enlightening to know that even when given a bump in the road, the cheerleaders still stuck it through and made the situation into something fun.

Another question asked to the cheerleaders was, “When was the first time you truly felt like an LHS Cheerleader?”. The response given by Sianna Thao, was, “When I felt like a true LHS cheerleader, it was when I was actually cheering for my school.” Prior to the first football game of the season, the cheerleaders had been practicing nonstop. When Sianna stepped out onto the track, at that moment the reality of cheering for LHS had hit her.

Even through bad weather and COVID regulations, the LHS cheerleaders did their best to acknowledge the football players’ hard work and show some Brave pride. This would have never been possible without the encouragement and support from the Cheer Coaches and Athletic Director Claudia Terrones, as many of the cheerleaders have made that clear. All in all, as a community of athletes (coaches and cheerleaders), they’re doing everything they can for LHS. So, make sure to keep up with the LHS Cheerleaders and their journey to represent Lompoc High School.