Coronavirus Royalty — 2021


Congratulations to Elijah Bobo and Melanie Nunez for being crowned 2021 homecoming king and queen! This year, the homecoming king and queen were announced on Friday, April 2nd during the football halftime and its Instagram livestream.

Our homecoming winners feel nothing but joy regarding the news, “I feel amazing, it is an awesome experience and in many ways it was way more special than I had expected. It’s a blessing to not only be crowned the winner but to be crowned King by my peers,” says Elijah. He was nominated by the baseball team, for whom he played for during his first two years of high school. So, his victory is satisfying and almost full circle.

At the same time, the queen had similar feelings of humility and happiness. Melanie shares, “I feel so honored to be this year’s Homecoming queen! Representing my class throughout this tough year is one I will carry on, and tell my kids!” Her nomination was from the Spirit Leaders and being an active part of so many activities around campus, she could’ve been nominated from anywhere. Melanie is Cheer Captain, ASB Executive president, LUSD student board representative, part of CSF, FFA, FBLA, and a Link Leader.

Due to the quarantine, many of us are not able to attend school at the moment. It makes it difficult for homecoming nominees to campaign and earn votes for themselves. So, we asked the King and Queen how they were able to overcome this obstacle. “During quarantine my cousin Shea helped make social media posts and spread them around as well as make posters that I was able to put up around the campus,” Elijah says. Taking advantage of social media platforms to campaign and spread the word is definitely a great idea. Melanie did something similar, “I was able to campaign by making posters and putting them around campus and giving individual goods out to the students when I could.” Determination is key to winning these things, as our nominees did a great job in campaigning to the best of their abilities.

Though we aren’t able to celebrate Homecoming at a large scale like we usually do, the king and queen are still filled with joy and gratitude for their victory.