A Test for Fun…?

A Test for Fun...?

When you think of a test it’s something people usually dread, right? When you hear the word “test” your heart begins to beat fast, all the knowledge in your head suddenly disappears, and unless you know what you’re doing, it puts you in a bad mood. It’s such a hit or miss experience. However, what if you were told there are tests that are created for just you and your personality. Well here’s some good news, THERE ARE! There’s a whole website offering different tests you can take to determine your personality traits, BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Knowing your feelings are valid is an important factor in life. Feeling as though you can relate to someone or something can be easing for the mind for some people and that may even be you! If you want to discover things you may have in common with other people or possibly find brand new interests, you’ll have so much fun on this website. You can test yourself on anything from a movie trivia, zodiac test, all the way to a stress test! On the website idrlabs.com, there are also entire articles written about some of the test results, so when you are done you can learn more about your results and go further into what they mean.

Most of the tests have around 12-20 questions. They ask questions similar to the topic you choose to test on. It is best to be 100% honest when answering to receive the most accurate results (besides there’s nobody reviewing your answers, so no judgment!). Before starting any of the tests you have to check a box that confirms that you understand these are for educational purposes only and should be taken lightly, never seriously. If you happen to take a test and feel yourself wondering about your results because they seem very accurate, it is best to consult an adult if the subject is serious. Otherwise this is something to just have fun with!

Everyone will have different outcomes to each individual test and none will be exactly alike, unless you are very similar to someone else. When you answer the questions you are given a row of 5 thumbs, the options being “never”, “no”, “sometimes”, “yes”, and “always” (going from left to right). This helps the system understand how serious you are about your answers and how they should rate it on a scale. Because of this, when taking a test here it’s very important to think about where you would place your answers on the scale. This website is a great way to have fun and pass some time by and to share to your friends. Do you want to take a test? Go to https://www.idrlabs.com/ and get started now!