A Small Town Doing Big Things


Often, people believe their success depends on population and recognition. However, a small town doesn’t always limit big accomplishments. Recently, the leadership team at Lompoc Highschool has organized a number of Zoom meetings with people who were open to sharing their mindset. Hopefully, these people will inspire the students at LHS. It is an experience open to anyone who feels they need advice, encouragement, or is even just interested in what they have to offer. This opportunity has been held once a month, since December. It has turned out to be a very successful and eye-opening experience to the students of LHS.

The aforementioned inspirational speakers have varied from athletes, to surgeons, and even a secret service agent! Nonetheless, they all worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today and we are appreciative of the opportunity to hear their stories. The first Zoom meeting of the series was held on December 14th of 2020, with guest speakers Julian Araujo and Toa Taua. Araujo, current professional soccer player for the LA Galaxy team, is a Lompoc High Alumni from the class of 2018. Taua is also a 2018 graduate and is a part of the Nevada Wolf Pack on his college football team. Shortly after the first meeting, we held another one on February 10th of 2021 with doctor Sameeha Husayn. She is a 2011 LHS graduate who is now an Orthopedic Surgeon in her residency stage. She shared her personal journey from 2011 to now, suggesting ideas that will help to become successful in the future.

But, that’s not where the talent stops. On April 28th of 2021, we conducted our third inspirational meeting of the year with guests Lavon Coleman and Maurice Kirby. Coleman is a NFL  football player and Kirby is a Washington real estate agent. Both of them graduated from the class of 2013. Finally, we had our very last meeting for the year with guest speaker Wes Schwark. He is also an alumni from LHS, in the class of 1989. He shared information about his work as a Unified States Secret Service Agent and even who he has worked with over the course of his career. The meetings conducted this year really put into perspective what people can accomplish in the future, in such a small town. Our small town definitely does not limit us from achieving our dreams and success.