College Sport Recruiting — COVID-19 Edition

Gabriel Hirzel, Author

The recruiting process became very complicated in March of 2020. Last year, seniors were deprived of their seasons and didn’t get to show their athletic capabilities to any coaches (high school or college). Players had to communicate with all coaches strictly through social media and/or text. In addition, COVID-19 required players to start posting videos of themselves displaying their athleticism in order to be noticed by colleges– since there were hardly any high school sports games taking place. Then, to make matters worse, seniors haven’t been allowed to physically visit any college campuses either. Though, on the bright side, finally the dead period for colleges is being lifted June 1st!

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal with sports and college recruiting after over a year since COVID’s beginning. All in all, the virus stripped millions of students’ opportunities to play college sports right away and made the recruiting process much more difficult for current high school athletes.