A New Set of Rules

When Dealing with COVID-19 this school year many things were prioritized for the students. Sports being one of the main ones. However, some conflicts and questions had appeared when making this happen. One of them being, how are we going to continue sports and keep the safety of those participating a priority? So, I conducted an interview to find out exactly how it has been done by some of the coaches here at LHS.

I began the interviews with the head football coach, Andrew Jones. When I think about football, one of the first things that come to mind is the contact between players and the football. So, I was very curious as to how the safety of the players was being protected during practices? When talking to Jones, I asked him this exact question and his response was,“We have sanitizer breaks during practice and after. Players wear their masks when they aren’t in a play.” 

After speaking with Coach Jones about the new safety precautions for football, I decided to interview Samuel Milhous, who is a basketball, track, and cross country coach. When talking with him I asked,“How do you feel everyone is doing on COVID safety and how has it forced practice to adapt while engaging in sports?”. His response was,“I think everyone has been doing a great job adapting to COVID protocols. Distancing and sanitizing has been a priority, and from my perspective, the process has gone well.”. 

COVID-19 has made this year’s sports programs a new and challenging task to handle this year. Especially with the new protocols and safety concerns to help prevent further spread of the virus. But having this season turned out to be very important to many athletes and being safe while doing so was what was most important out of it all.