Volleyball Begins! – 2021


As the school year commences, so does the 2021 volleyball season. Recently the Freshmen and JV Volleyball Team had their first home game against the Nipomo Titans.  

Each game had its own outcome. Though our freshman team lost, we are still proud of our girls.  On the other hand: the JV team, just as celebrated, came out with a victory. Loss or win, it’s amazing that these students get to actually experience these sports in person.

We are so glad to be getting back to normal with school full time, playing sports, and other activities. When speaking to Gabriella Quinonez about practices she had said, “The best part about it is getting out and doing something rather than being inside doing schoolwork.” Many people seem to feel the same way and have strived to get any type of normalcy back from the pandemic.

Back from the pandemic, our team is doing better than ever. We hope they continue this effort and enthusiasm, and lead the Volleyball team to victory.