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Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings

Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings focused on bringing awareness.

Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings was this year’s fall play. Show dates were September 28-30. The plays were soiree’s which means an evening show that stretches into the night. Plus special Outreach performances on October 5 for elementary schools. This show was impactful because of what is happening around the world. Wildlife is losing their home because of the threatening effects of plastic. Awareness is important for the future of the earth. Choices are made each day that may lead to a better or worse era.

 LHS theater director, Mrs.Barthel had many elements to this production. One of them was the idea of having recycled materials in the production. Everyone involved in the theater brought things to be used, like plastic water bottles, chip bags, empty laundry detergent, coffee bottles, and more. The plastic was then reused for better purposes. Another element of the production was having drama students compose music for their characters. It made the actors engage with the character’s personality. 

Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings focused on bringing awareness. Here is a summary of the play. It starts with someone named Sam. She is a plastic water bottle. She realizes she has no clue where she is or where her parents are. She calls out and she meets Reginald. Reginald is a blue crab with a giant claw. They argue because she is a water bottle, he says they are mean to crabs. Both of them get to know each other, Sam asks if he could help her get to the ocean. Reginald then enlightens her about the Gyres, he is reluctant because of this. The Gyres is a place where plastic things and sea life die. Sam wants to find her parents and lets him know she will go on this journey with or without him. She tries to roll off but can’t. Reginald builds up courage and helps her with her journey. They drift off together.

 Meanwhile, an old shoe that lives in the Gyers brings awareness to the fact that one hundred and forty MILLION plastic water bottles are thrown away every day. Sam’s parents are in the Gyres and are determined to find their daughter. They are told they will never be able to find their way out of that place. There was an old turtle who helped Reginald have the bigger claw. Reginald thanks Sam for getting him out of his comfort zone, he would have stayed where the turtle left him. They meet Billie who is being bullied by seagulls and Sam makes her move. She asks Reginald to fling her at them and manages to drive them off. Sam introduces herself but Billie is self-conscious. Billie tries to run them away but changes her mind when Sam gets injured. Billie flies her way into the Gyers. Billie and Reginald successfully rescue Sam’s parents and they celebrate the reuniting of Sam’s family. Everyone sadly has to say goodbye but promises to visit each other.

This play had lovely characters with a strong message about our planet. We should acknowledge our lifestyle. Plastic takes a toll on the environment which then affects us. Let’s keep this message in mind. With that being said, If you didn’t catch the fall play be sure to grab hold of tickets for the next show. There will be a holiday play named Another Christmas Story in the winter. Made by our very own drama club president, Donna Kemp. Disney’s Aladdin in the spring and our annual Comedy Tonight. Drama club hopes to see you there on stage or attending! Follow @lompochightheatrearts on Instagram for more updates. 

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