Girls Basketball: Lompoc vs. Cabrillo

The Lompoc vs. Cabrillo basketball game was held on Jan 13, 2022 in the Lompoc High School gym. In spite of the event being in person, students and parents had to buy their tickets online this year due to Covid. The Lady Braves went up against the Conquistadors. There was great competition between both of the teams. 

The game was very intense and very entertaining to all viewers. The Lady Braves were playing very aggressively and working together as a team. Every change in the scoreboard was stressful for everyone to watch because it was such a close game to the very last second. The Lady Braves had to act as one, in sync through the mind, because at any second the Conquistadors would have scored. As the game was nearing its conclusion, the final score was 36-32 with Cabrillo taking the win.  

Meanwhile, the Spiritleaders were ready to face their rivals and had been preparing for this basketball game with stand-up cheers and stunt sequences in order to pump up the crowd! At the end of the game, the Lady Braves worked together as a team and did their best. Even though they didn’t win, there was lots of excitement towards all of the players.