Fresh Out of Water: with Austin Eustace


Welcome to Fresh Out of Water!

This news series will include insight of many freshmen who are new to Lompoc High School. We’ll provide opinions, ideas, and questions about the school that freshmen may have. So, sit back and relax, for the journey has just begun.

To get an insight on our newest athletes, we have picked out one of our freshmen from the freshman football team. We decided to interview Austin Eustace to get to know him and what it’s like to be a part of the team. 

We began with a few questions regarding his personal life. He told us that he has been living in Lompoc his whole life, and in his free time he enjoys talking to and hanging out with friends. Austin said his music taste was versatile. When asked about his daily routine he said that he goes to school, then practices, then rests at home. When asked if there was a coach or athlete that he looks up to as a role model, he had said Coach Mays. Austin believes that one of the qualities that makes him a good football player is speed. When asked about when he took interest in football, he had said that after a breakup, he was encouraged to start football. Along with that we asked him about the change from middle school to high school. He responded that the change wasn’t that bad due to already knowing people at the school. We asked what he thinks about Lompoc High so far and his answer was, “That as far as I know, it’s alright. 

Austin is a wide receiver and a quarterback on the freshman football team. When we asked him how many injuries were sustained, he had said that it was about six. We weren’t surprised. Austin also says that he can see himself still playing football in a couple years. 

That concludes our interview with Austin Eustace and getting a full insight on the personal mindset of a freshman football team player. Fresh Out of Water is here to get to know some of our newest freshmen.

Serenity and Giovanna, out!