Who is the Senior Class?

For this week’s senior spotlight we focused on Matthias Hernandez

Entering into the new school year of 2022-2023, Lompoc High School additionally also welcomes our new class of Brave seniors. The Smoke Signal introduces an insight of what these students endured throughout their four years of high school, providing an understanding about who the senior class of 2023 truly is. 

Matthias Hernandez

The next student we’d like to focus on in this new semester is Matthias Hernandez. Matthias has been attending Lompoc High for his entire four years of high school and has been involved with clubs including FFA, Renaissance, becoming a Link Leader, a Blue Crew Leader, as well as a spirit leader in the student section. 

Matthias explains one of the best things he’s gotten out of highschool is all of the bonds and friendships he’s made with friends and teachers. He seems to make friends and “Besties” wherever he goes, sparking up conversations through his affectionate personality. 

While he’s had many exciting experiences, he’s also endured some hardships. Matthias exclaimed that some of his hardest moments throughout high school had to do with wanting to be included with his peers. He had to deal with people who were not as active to include him, but even so, he always brightens up everyone’s day. 

Something Matthias wants others to know, and have no doubt about, is how hard he’s worked and continues to work to be where he is today. He also acknowledges the fact that you should “take a break” when necessary. 

The overall message he’s trying to get across is to not overwhelm yourself and stress yourself out as students who are packing a lot into their day to day schedules. Matthias also says to “Take one thing at a time”. Some fun facts about Matthias is that he’s always happy and cheery. He always seems to light up the room as soon as he walks in.