Fresh Out of Water: The Mind of a Young Florist

Since our last interview, we took it upon ourselves to deliver more insights and stories. Now let’s get onto our new interview.


We decided to interview Serenity, a freshman who is currently taking floral culture. 

We asked Serenity if she had always been interested in flowers and if not, what prompted her to participate. She replied that she wasn’t interested at first but when a friend chose to take a floral class, she did too. We then asked her; why she was interested in floral? The main thing that sparked her interest was arranging, such as putting the flowers together. When asked about her favorite flower, serenity replied that her favorite flower is the Red Spider Lily. (Red Spider Lilies originate from China, Korea, and Nepal. Later on, they were introduced to Japan, along with the United States and many other places. Unfortunately, it is stated that the Red Spider lily is toxic to both animals and humans, so, it’s best not to keep them at home with curious children and animals). Serenity’s favorite flower arrangements are very simplistic flower arrangements, because those are easy to deal with, but can still pop some color. And our final question for her was if she was allergic to pollen and she was straight to the point, “No.

For our second round of questions we asked about her personal life.
When asked how high school has been so far, Serenity replied that, “it’s fine so far, almost feels exactly like middle school.” We asked her how the transition from middle school to high school was and she stated, “it was okay, pretty chill… didn’t have a huge impact. The only con of it all is, you miss a day due to sickness/family emergency or you just miss one assignment and your grade plummets.” When asked about her daily routine, it was simple: wake up, get ready for school, attend school, after school, go straight home. Serenity has two siblings, one younger sister and one older brother.

And that wraps up our interview. We will be back with more interviews in the future. Stay flourishing, Lompoc High students. This has been your authors for Fresh Out of Water.

  1. Signorelli and S. Files, out!