Fresh Out of Water: A Grand Finale, Serenity Files

Welcome back Fresh Out of Water readers! I, Vanna, have come together with our trusty editor, Serenity, to close off the year with an article about them. The school year is slowly coming to an end– and, what better way than to end the school year off learning more about one of our dedicated writers? 


Starting off with question 1, starting off with just their personal life; have they always lived in Lompoc?

“No, I moved here from the bay area in the third grade and lived here till the end of seventh which was when I moved to Georgia. Then, I finally came back and now I’m moving back down to Georgia.”


Question 2; how was the change from middle school to high school for them?

It actually wasn’t that bad, considering that most of my middle school years were during covid, so the change was a bit different but you get used to it.”


Question 3; what is their input on the school?

“This school is fairly pretty although the rivers across the school when it rains are not that enjoyable.”


Question 4; what are their hobbies?

“I enjoy knitting and crocheting in my spare time.”


Question 5; what clubs are they currently in?

“I am in drama club.”


Now, moving onto questions about theater.


Question 6; what age were they when they took interest in theater/drama/acting?

“Acting has always been at the back of my mind. But, I guess when it most prominently took over was last year when I auditioned for Mary Poppins in Georgia.”


Question 7; what made take interest in theater

“Well seeing all these musicals when your younger you’re bound to think at least once 

‘i wanna be up there’

Question 8; what shows have you been in

“I have only been in “best christmas pageant ever” and i’m currently in “comedy tonight. 2023” and some dance shows”

Question 9; What roles have you been in so far that you enjoyed.

“Leroy Herdman is by far one of my favorite roles. Like who doesn’t enjoy running down an aisle with a real ham. There is another that I really enjoy but you’ll have to see comedy tonight to figure that out.”

Question 10;Do you see yourself doing theater in the future?

“Of course I do, theater will always be a part of my life. Entertaining others will always be fun”

Question 11; Are there any other arts that you are interested in?

“I really enjoy writing and singing.”

Question 12;Is there someone that you look up to?

“Two people that I look up to are Abi Espinoza and Aleida Hernandez. Both are seniors and have really helped me grow. Abi helped a lot during “Best Christmas pageant ever” and during all the dance shows, we always talked and she is a great listener. During all the shows and auditions Aleida has been so helpful and would help me practice lines or just being a friend. These are two of the greatest role models and friends I could ever ask for.”

That brings a conclusion to our final article, we thank you for reading Fresh Out of Water. As well as supporting us and this article. We thought it would be a good idea to finish off our year by writing an article for our in-home freshman writer.  Thank you for bringing a year of excitement to us. This has been Serenity Files and Vanna Signorelli. Signing out for one, final time.