Megan By Megan


Director: Gerard Johnstone

Main characters: M3GAN, Gemma, Katie

Lead actress:  Amie Donald (M3GAN), Jenna Davis (M3GAN), Allison Williams (Gemma), Violet McGraw (Katie)

Premise: A young girl, Katie, and her family get into a car accident whilst on their way to a ski vacation. Katie is then placed under the custody of her Aunt Gemma who works at a big time toy producing company. Gemma, who is already under stress trying to create the next big toy, has to navigate through her new found mothership with her niece. In an attempt to occupy Katie, Gemma gifts her a highly intelligent, human-like robot, M3GAN. M3GAN will do whatever she can to protect Katie and keep her from harm’s way, regardless of the harm she puts on others.

Review: I enjoyed the movie for what it’s worth, I found myself laughing throughout which you might not expect from a movie of this genre. There were many unexpected moments to catch you off guard and think, “there’s no way they’ll do this, right?”. Of course the cliches were prominent but after every cliche was a scene to throw you off which I appreciated. Overall I’m happy to have watched it and I would watch it again, it’s one of those movies where watching it multiple times will bring new insight into the storyline. 

Out of Five Stars: 3.9