Another Big Win

The students and staff are ready to see the Braves win!


On September 2, 2022 the Lompoc Braves played the Cabrillo Conquistadores at Huyck Stadium. Cabrillo was home and Lompoc was away. Even though we were away we entered this game with much excitement and confidence. The Lompoc captains that led us into the big game were Michael Manzo (#3), Anthony Alonzo (#22), Andy Rodriguez (#57), and Marcus Escalante (#70).

The 22-23 Coaching Staff is Andrew Jones as the head coach and Harrison Keller, Malachi Fonesca, Paul Terrones, and TJ Jordan as the assistant coaches. 

We have a lot of very strong players this year. Michael Manzo (#3), Marcos Maya (#5), Cavin Ross (#13) and Nelson Maldanado (#15) are only some of our very powerful players, and there are many more. The Lompoc Braves are a very determined team and are hard to beat.

The Lompoc Braves kicked off the first quarter with the score being 27-0. They start the game off with a very excited and loud crowd. Everyone in the stands is ready to see our team win. The game against Cabrillo is the most important game we play. The students and staff are ready to see the Braves win. 

An important part of the big game is the Spirit Leaders and Blue Crew. The Spirit Leaders/Cheerleaders are what keeps our crowd excited and shows school spirit. The JV and varsity cheerleaders join together to support the Lompoc football team as we play Cabrillo. The Blue Crew is our student section that supports our team. They participate in making sure our crowd is booming with excitement and cheering on the team. The cheerleaders and student section are together and are thrilled and supportive to make sure we win. 

In the second quarter the score was 28-0. The Braves are ahead and closer to winning. In the third quarter the Braves scored one touchdown which made the score 7-0. In the last quarters the crowd was very thrilled to see us win.  

The history of Lompoc and Cabrillo playing against each other is a very exciting moment. The town of Lompoc looks forward to the big game all year. Lompoc has beat Cabrillo for over 10 years. It is no surprise that we won this game.  

For the first time in a long time the Cabrillo Conquistadores scored a touchdown against the Lompoc Braves making the score in the fourth quarter being 0-7. They then ran the clock because the Braves were very far ahead. The Lompoc Braves ended up winning  62-7. It was an amazing game and the Braves did an amazing job. We are already looking forward to next year’s big game and can’t wait to win again.