Little Miss Spirit Week


The Big Game spirit week at Lompoc High School was successful at getting our students to show their brave pride. Spirit week, for those who don’t know, is a week dedicated to dressing up in various themes chosen by our Link Crew. By participating, students get hyped up just in time for the Big Game against Cabrillo High School on Friday. The Big Game is usually preceded by the Black Light assembly, yet Class of ‘23 Seniors are the only students on campus to have experienced a Black Light assembly during their Freshman year. Since COVID-19 it has been canceled, but finally this year it came back and spirit week brought hype to that as well. Your 2022 Big Game spirit week themes were as follows, 

  • Monday: Little Miss Brave Pride
    • Wear a “Little Miss” Shirt That Represents You
  • Tuesday: Brave Family Reunion
    • Seniors – Senior Citizens
    • Juniors – Parents 
    • Sophomores – Kids
    • Freshman – Babies
  • Wednesday: Blue 4 You
    • Dress As Your Type
  • Thursday: Happiest Braves on Earth
    • Disney Day! Dress as Your Favorite Character or Wear Any Disney Attire
  • Friday: White Out
    • Extreme White for the Black Light Assembly

In addition to dressing up everyday this week, our Lompoc Cheerleaders put up balloons and streamers along H Street for additional support. All of this school spirit in company to our amazing football team led to our 14th consecutive Big Game victory against Cabrillo. The spirit week tradition has and will continue to bring Brave Pride into our student body.