Is Covid-19 Still a Thing?

In January of 2022 there was, 151,000 people who were hospitalized. Then in January of 2023 there were, 36,000 people who were hospitalized.


The reason it dropped so much was because masks were becoming mandatory for most places in the United States.


This virus does also affect school and its campuses around the world. A May 2022 survey found more than 80% of public schools reported “stunted behavioral and socioemotional development” in their students because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” a 56% increase in “classroom disruptions from student misconduct,” and a 49% increase in “rowdiness outside of the classroom.” 


Many people still wear masks to this day and share that,Masking offers an effective layer of protection against COVID-19.” Since COVID-19 is still actively infecting and spreading in our communities at high rates after our recent surge, masking is still very important.

Has the CDC changed any precautions? Well, have a look at this statement. “CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.” 


So, to answer the question. Yes Covid-19 is still around, but it’s being handled more and more effectively these days.