A New Way to Coronate


Sure, schools might be closed… but does that mean we will close traditional school events as well!? Lompoc High Braves say no! Homecoming may not be a crucial event , but students need something to look forward to, some tradition, some fun, some hope. Luckily, we were able to have somewhat of our traditional Hoco event!

Homecoming is not something you practice for and just hope it’ll all work out in your favor. It’s about living in the moment and having a great time. But, with that comes a lot of planning prior to the fun. The staff had put in a lot of effort to ensure everyone had a memorable night. For them, it was a long process of planning, but they did their best to plan the safest and most enjoyable night that we can have. But, how did the planning committee really feel about Homecoming?  

When speaking to Jennifer Gonzalez-Diez, I asked her how they planned on making this year’s Homecoming safe enough for students to attend and what precautions would there be? “I have been working closely with Melanie Nunez (ASB President) and Kendall Lopez (ASB Adviser/Activities Director) to come up with a Homecoming plan. Mrs. Lopez just presented our plan yesterday to the district and we are just waiting for the county’s approval. We have had at least 26 diverse nominations so far! We are super excited to get something going. Although it won’t be a large dance, it will be something small at least a coronation of some sort. All voting will be done via Google Forms. We will release the nominees this week for sure and students will vote on the Homecoming Court (top 5 possible king candidates and top 5 possible queen candidates).”

No matter how uncertain these times can be, one thing is for certain: this year’s Hoco staff worked extremely hard to put on a beautiful event. There was suspension in waiting for good news from the Santa Barbara County and LUSD School District. Which we received in the nick of time! With the team we have, staff and students we got the best Homecoming a pandemic could give! Way to keep pushing with Brave Pride!