Girls Soccer: Driven by Passion


Since the Covid-19 takeover, people are required to abide by specific guidelines. This is quite unfortunate especially for student athletes. The LHS girls’ soccer team have said it themselves, “It’s very difficult to train in these conditions.”

Having to wear masks during training makes it hard for the girls to breathe while running. In addition, having to stay distanced for a long period of time has made their drills a lot less efficient. Practices are only three times a week now, which is very little compared to practice time in the past. But their coach is trying to make the best out of the difficult situation and get them conditioning as much as possible.

Head coach Eddie Corletto, is coaching his first year of girls’ soccer at LHS. Corletto is really particular about the way he wants his players to play and move together. He loves to see them drastically improve with each practice. He assists them further by setting higher standards for them. 

These high standards set them up for any competition that they might face. The best part about competing, for the girls, is the relentless mindset of getting better with each training session and each game. It builds them to be stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well – no matter the outcome. The feeling of being determined, yet stress free, and the sense of being invincible, races through their blood every time they step onto the field. Cherishing the memories that they create among themselves, is extremely important to these girls. 

Junior Alyssa Garcia is a very competitive player on the team and has been playing for 3 years at LHS! Garcia mentions that she wishes life could go back to “normal” (as it was before Covid-19 restrictions were put in place). She says that even though they wouldn’t be able to train at the same time, they would be able to train more efficiently. She states that, if things were “normal”, “everything would run much more smoothly…It’s tough times like this that make us appreciate and become grateful, to even just be out there and especially for our coaches, that take time out of their lives to be there with us three times a week.” In addition to that, the girls’ soccer coaches also attend two games a week! Everyone on the team, including Corletto, are immensely grateful and pleased to be able to play this season!