Final Round! – Lompoc V. Cabrillo Basketball

Lompoc and Cabrillo are known for the rivalry between them, and Friday May 14th the Lompoc Braves faced the Cabrillo Conquistadores at Cabrillo. The JV boys played at 4:00 and won with a score of 60 to 40. Varsity girls played at 5:30 and lost with the final score being 25 to 8. Finally boys Varsity played at 7:00 and lost with a score of 72 to 32. 

The boys Varsity game started off with Cabrillo winning the jump ball and #4 Raymond Vega from Cabrillo scored 2 points and was fouled right after, giving him a free throw. Making that free throw, starting the game 3-0 Cabrillo in the lead. Immediately after,  #11 Cailin Daniels puts 3 up on the scoreboard sinking a 3-pointer! Making it a tie game in the first three minutes of quarter 1. The refs were making very poor calls throughout most of the game making it difficult for the Lompoc Braves, we ended the 1st quarter 20-3 Cabrillo in the lead.

#13 Dominic Ballesteros makes a 3-pointer to start off the 2nd quarter making the score 20-6. Both teams are battling it out and there was a lot of aggressive verbal interactions between the teams at this point.

After halftime, starting the 3rd quarter, Cabrillo’s Raymond Vega (#4) makes a lay up, Cabrillo gaining 2 points. Right after, Lompoc’s Dominic Ballesteros makes a 3-pointer making the game 37-17.  Then finishing off the 3rd quarter, Raymond Vega makes a 3-pointer for Cabrillo leaving the score 58-26, Cabrillo still winning.

To start off the 4th quarter #10 Noah Pacheco makes a 3-pointer for Cabrillo. Coming to the end of the game, both teams continued scoring. Lompoc was still doing their very best til the end, #22 Robert Daniels scored TWO 3-pointers in the last minute of the game! The battle was intense and both teams had a great deal of fun, but the Conquistadors came out with the win.