Virtual Back to School Night 2021

Donna J. Kemp, Author

On September 8th, Lompoc High School hosted its Back to School night! It was a great opportunity to meet and learn about the staff at LHS. During Back to School night, a parent could ask LHS teachers any questions they had about grading, curriculum, and more. For a second time, the event was held over Zoom due to Covid complications, but it still went smoothly.

Though there was a lack of intimacy in the Zoom rooms, there was an efficiency that wasn’t otherwise there. According to Sarah Barthel, an arts and math teacher at LHS, “ Being on Zoom eliminated that craziness which often takes up a bunch of time.  Parents were still able to ask questions and I know some appreciated that they were able to use the chat.”. So the virtual sessions helped quicken the experience, which allows the staff to be more thorough in their explanations. Maybe the online experience was hectic for some parents, but in the end, it was the most precautionary way to do it, and ended up being a very productive evening.

It started at 5:45 PM for those with a period 0 and at 6:00 for those without. Parents were able to go to different virtual rooms, following their student’s class schedule, and learn about the teachers and staff at LHS for about an hour. Then, had a 15 minute Q and A, asking any questions to their heart’s content. Mrs. Barthel, explained that during her sessions, “I ​shared a little bit about myself and my history at LHS.  I explained my grading policies and – even more important – how to be successful in my class.” Barthel reminds all students , “No matter the class, effort is everything!  You can’t succeed if you don’t try, or if you give up easily!”

All in all, this year’s Back to School Night was successful, and if you like being in tune with the happenings of LHS and learning about the staff here, consider coming to next year’s Back to School Night! You won’t regret it!