Mental Health Check Up

Sarah (Ace) Cardoza, Author

Mental Health is a big factor in students’ work ethic and their motivation. Many students are still struggling from anxiety and depression after the events of the pandemic and not being in a public school environment for a period of time. When students are not doing well with their mental health, it can affect their thinking, mindset, motivation, and how they feel overall.  Studies from around the world show the results of their tests and studies based on students and their mental health. 

According to, most students with mental problems are between ages 12-17, and states that California was one of the states with the least amount of students receiving help for their mental health problems. Overall, 64% of students do not get the help they need. WHO (World Health Organization) states, “about one-third of students experience mental health disorders before they even arrive as freshmen in college.”

 If you’re feeling down and need a way to cool down during lunch, join a club! There are many fun clubs that involve many different things. Listen on the intercom for a club that may sound interesting and go ahead and join it! Clubs are a way for students to relax and find possible friends who like the same things as one another. If you feel you need support with how you are feeling, another way for students to be able to relieve stress is going to the school counselors, they are very helpful and very nice.




Since school has started up again, why don’t we do a checkup on our own students! 


From studies and surveys gathered from students attending Lompoc High School, 48% of the 100 students have experienced anxiety at some point in the last 2 years of their life, and 76% have experienced it from school or their own personal life. The percentage of students feeling stressed or anxious are at an all time high right now, but don’t worry, we have many different resources to help you at LHS! If you need any help with anything you are struggling with either mentally or physically there are many people who can help you. 


If you head on over to your google classroom, you should see “LHS Class of __ Counseling/Career Center” in your classes. If you click on the class, then go to “people” you should see at the top the list of counselors. If you are unsure of which is your counselor, feel free to go to the office or email one of your teachers. Counselors or therapy are some very common ways of getting out stress and it is not shameful if you go to one, it is completely normal! If you do go to the counselors, they have different groups that you can join based on what you are struggling with, and they do activities and even come up with ways to relieve stress that can help you outside of school!


If you are struggling and feel the need to reach out to someone, the school has many options, and if you do not feel comfortable talking to a counselor, reach out to a friend or a trusted adult! Just remember you are not alone and you do not have to deal with this by yourself, but it is completely okay if you prefer to deal with things yourself, everyone has different ways to deal with stress and/or anxiety.