Life Is Strange

As beautiful and amazing as the world may seem, many problems can occur seemingly from out of nowhere. One day you’re playing video games with your younger sibling and asking you parents for money to go to a party, and the very next day you and your younger brother are fugitives who have been falsely accused of murdering a police officer and these exact events happen to the main characters Sean and Daniel in the popular Multi-episode Award winning Video game Life is Strange 2.

Life is strange 2 follows the main protagonist Sean and Daniel Diaz as they cross the country on a mission to escape to mexico after an incident that left them with nothing but each other. 

When we are introduced to these characters Sean age 16 is shown as a stereotypical angst and rather annoying character and his little brother Daniel age 9 is shown as an innocent kid with a little trouble maker side. 

Life is strange and has an amazing way of adding real world problems in a game series filled with fictional abilities. 

In life is strange real world issues of Racism,Homophobia,discrimination,sexism, and abuse are constantly mixed into the story and because of these real world issues that are shown we get to see a more emotional side of these characters as they get discriminated over things they may not be able to control such as their ethnicity, sexuality and living situation.

Life is strange is a beautiful game that is constant about its message of at face value the world is a beautiful place but when you examine it even for a split second the world become a little less innocent.