The Reopening of Disneyland

Victoria Gama, Copy Editor

After over a year of being deprived of the joy Disneyland brings, it has at last, finally reopened! On April 30th, 2021 Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park announced they were reopening for visitors. Although it will not be the same experience as visiting before the pandemic, many are very grateful and thrilled to visit the park once again. 

In order for the theme parks to reopen and stay open, there are new policies for the sake of keeping visitors and staff safe. Some of these policies are that you must be a California resident, you must wear a mask (even those who are vaccinated), your temperature will have to be checked, and you must buy tickets online only. 

Groups no larger than 3 households can visit the parks. Those who do not live with each other must socially distance themselves on rides and queues. Though only those who live in California are allowed to visit the park, recently Disneyland shared that on June 15th they will be opening the parks to visitors out of state as well.  

Parades are no longer active due to many people coming close together to stand and  watch. As for the costumed characters, they are no longer allowed to give hugs to visitors. But visitors are allowed to take pictures of the characters while they are on stages or balconies socially distancing themselves. 

Although these new policies may be hard to get used to, it is very exciting to have the Disney parks reopen after thirteen months of waiting! Those who do visit the parks will once again be able to ride on most of the rides they did before the pandemic and get to enjoy all the delicious foods as well.