Spirit Halloween


Are you excited for Halloween this year, but can’t think where to get your costume? Well lucky for you, Spirit Halloween is reopening in town. It’s located at 1009 North H St, Lompoc, right next to your local Dollar Tree, in the Palm Square. 

It has everything you’d need for a spooky or retro costume. From Pennywise to disco, they’ve got it all. They even have souvenirs and Halloween decorations for your house and yard. 

One of my favorite things from Spirit Halloween is the animatronics. When you walk into the store you get a little jump scare from them, there’s Pennywise, Wacky Mole, The Caretaker, The Grave Grabber, Uncle Charlie, and Beetlejuice. The Pennywise animatronic is my personal favorite. 

The staff is friendly and very welcoming, too. They always capture the “spirit” of Halloween and successfully pass that energy onto the customers.

The store was temporarily shut down after Halloween of 2020, now since Halloween is around the corner, Spirit Halloween is back! Their temporary store hours are 10 a.m to 9 p.m. They are officially open, but when talking to an employee I understand that it takes 1-2 extra weeks to get the spooky store all set up!

So if you’ve been to Spirit Halloween and you thought it was boring, wait until next week where there will be frightening props set up, tons more decorations, and costumes for you to shop through. It’s #spookyszn so prepare to be scared!