LUSD Board of Education Gains a New President

Donna J. Kemp, Author

Last year on December 13th, LUSD’s Board of Education president, William “Bill” Heath, resigned suddenly. Heath sent out an email to local media stating that he would be leaving his position, “effective immediately,” and just like that, the board began looking for applicants to fill the vacancy. 

The search went on for a couple of months, until finally, they found their new president! According to district officials, on February 7th, a meeting was held where board members that applied to fill the seat – Christopher Braxton, Sean Reilly, and John Galisky – were interviewed with the same questions for about 20 minutes each. This meeting, however, was to no avail as the board members could not come to an agreement on which candidate to appoint. 

The election carried on two days later on February 9th, where William “Franky” Caldeira was brought into the equation. Caldeira was welcomed into the position to finish out Heath’s 4 year term before the next regularly scheduled election cycle. 

Congratulations to William Caldeira for the appointment!