A Final Night for Seniors – Grad Night

On May 20th, The Lompoc High School class of 2022 went to Magic Mountain for their Grad Night. A total of 108 students attended this event. Their transportation was on two charter buses. The drive to and from Magic Mountain was about three hours. Students were told to arrive at the school at 5:50 pm and return back to Lompoc around 6 am. 

When arriving at Magic Mountain, everyone was required to have a wristband on to enter the park. The students of Lompoc High School arrived at Magic Mountain around 8:00pm. Everyone was told to be back on the buses at 2:30am. When first entering, there was a lot of music playing and there were a plethora of lights everywhere. There were many people that were dancing. Every senior was given lanyards that lit up with a graduation cap at the bottom to wear in the dark. Everyone was able to have their own group of people to stay with so no one would get lost. There were tons of rides that everyone went on throughout the night.

For food, there was a free buffet for all the students that attended grad night. This buffet was provided to them courtesy of the theme park, and so was the dessert, ice cream. Additionally, there were many seniors, and other to be graduates, that attended grad night. If someone were to go to Magic Mountain on a regular day, there were about the same amount of people at grad night than a regular day at Magic Mountain. It was impressive to see people from different schools who are graduating the same year as you. It was also amazing to see how many people became friends because of grad night. 

Overall this experience was really exciting especially with people who also had a fun time too. Grad night was meant for seniors all around to have one night for them and their friends before walking the stage at graduation.