Giving Back to Your Brave Community

Giving Back to Your Brave Community

Sugar B. Gaitan, Editor In Chief

The California Scholarship Federation club, better known as CSF, is not only significant to our school and student body, but also to our town. It gives students the opportunity to volunteer some time to the community, while being recognized for their academic achievements.

“How is that?”, you might ask, well in order to be a part of CSF you must apply and be accepted based on your grades and then when actually in the club you must complete a minimum of at least 10 hours of community service per semester. The club had their very first meeting of 2021 on February 9th for those interested in applying. They went through the entire (slightly altered due to COVID-19) application process, advisor Mrs. Anderson answering any additional questions.

When interviewing the president of CSF, Jennifer Gonzalez-Diaz, she mentioned that while being a member of CSF and CJSF she’s had so many amazing and memorable experiences including the volunteer programs she participated in and visits to college campuses! Miss Jenny G. shared her hopes for the club’s future and expressed, “I still hope more younger students join the club. I still hope seniors receive the recognition they deserve for all their hard work throughout… I hope students are able to help around the community or even their house all while practicing social distancing and wearing their masks. It is something I believe is very important– giving back to the community.” She also offered a small piece of advice to those newcomers interested in lending a hand in our community, by simply getting involved in volunteer programs, such as the food bank every now and then!

With that, the president of the CSF club reminds us that even under the not ideal situation our entire country is facing, there are still ways to safely come together and give back to our community of Braves. So, if you feel inspired, ask a friend or two about our Lompoc High’s CSF and join our google classroom for more information on how to apply, the deadline for applications is early April! All students welcome!