Lompoc High School’s First Virtual Show This School Year


Throughout this school year, it’s been challenging for many not knowing when we’ll be able to hold a show in person again. Fortunately for Lompoc High School, the theatre department decided to make a show virtually.

Although there has been a show held virtually in the past, Bad Auditions… On Camera! by Ian McWethy and Carrie McWethy, was the first virtual show held this school year. “The show streamed for two days on Broadway on Demand, a streaming service for theatrical productions.” states Sarah A. Barthel.

When asked if the virtual show was more successful than the in-person show, Sarah A. Barthel shares “Academically, our show was successful! It cost $300 to produce and we didn’t bring in any income since we made it viewable for free.”

Luckily for the Lompoc High School theatre students, they were able to do so while respecting COVID safety rules.“Overall I think the project was a success since it allowed our theatre students to collaborate on a production from the safety of their homes.” Sarah A. Barthel shares.

They are continuing to make shows virtually rather than in-person due to safety rules. “We are also currently working on a remotely filmed version of the musical Little Shop of Horrors which will air through a streaming service for two performances only: April 30 and May 1. We will end the year with another virtual edition of Comedy Tonight! If we are able to reopen LHS and return to campus, we may film some scenes live, but most likely our projects will continue to be only viewable remotely since gathering a large audience would still not be wise at this point.”

Seeing as the virtual show was a success, there will be more to come in the future. “Just this week Advanced Musical Theatre students filmed (some over Zoom, some on their own at home) a play called Bystander 911 by Meron Langsner, licensed by YouthPlays. I will be working on the editing next and hope to release it soon on our YouTube channel.” states Sarah A. Barthel.